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Electroweak Physics InterseCtions — EPIC 2024

21 Settembre 2024 | 10:00 27 Settembre 2024 | 14:00

Electroweak Physics InterseCtions — EPIC 2024 is the first workshop dedicated to precision electroweak physics, which is one of the main avenues to test predictions of the standard model, extract its fundamental parameters and look for signals of physics beyond the standard model.

EPIC2024 will be held in the beautiful location of Calaserena Village, near Cagliari, from 22nd to 27th of September 2024.

Scientific topics to be discussed

We identify the following topics that are at the intersection of the forefront of precision electroweak and nuclear physics:

  • Precision tests of the Standard Model and beyond with atomic nuclei
  • Lepton- and Neutrino-Nucleus interactions
  • Nuclear matter across energy scales and multi-messenger astronomy